Hidden Valley Garden Club



The 2014 Officers for the Garden Club are:

  President:  Kathy Schneider

  Vice-President: Marti Sharpe

  Treasurer:  Luann Roberts

  Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Chasteen

  Corresponding Secretary:  Emmy Myers


HVL Garden Club Yard of the Month for September 2014

 Jo Williams, 1807 Tuppence







Meeting Minutes



     Sixteen members and three guests attended the Aug. 14th meeting of the Hidden Valley Garden Club that was held in the community center.
     President Kathy Schneider opened the meeting with the gardener’s prayer and then introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Ashley Howe. Ashley and her daughter Jessica took a few moments to thank the club for its recent support during the walk-a-thon benefit held earlier this summer.
     Succulents were the topic of the evening as Ashley shared some tips on how to use these plants in topiaries, frames and shadow boxes. She then demonstrated how to plant succulents using fast draining soil or cactus potting soil. Many different kinds of household items may be used and kits are also sold at nurseries and plant centers.
     After enjoying cookies and ice cream sundaes provided by hostesses Sharon Hornung, Pat Sutton, Claudia Richardt and Marti Sharpe, the minutes from the July meeting were read and Luann gave the treasurers report.

Old Business: Luann reported that there had been a delay in getting the pergola built, but, it is still scheduled to be done this year.

New Business: Kathy read a thank you card that the received from Ken and Margaret Harshberger for the yard of the month award they had received in July. Jane announced that the award for August was presented to Larry and Julie Talbott on Alpine Dr.
     Sign up sheets were sent around for the Sept. pontoon cruise.
     Sharon Hornung made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Carol Morman. The meeting was adjourned so everyone could enjoy more cookies and ice cream.




                                                                                 Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                 Carolyn Chasteen