Hidden Valley Garden Club



The 2014 Officers for the Garden Club are:

  President:  Kathy Schneider

  Vice-President: Marti Sharpe

  Treasurer:  Luann Roberts

  Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Chasteen

  Corresponding Secretary:  Emmy Myers




Hidden Valley Lake Garden Club held a very successful BUNCO party on October 18th.



Meeting Minutes

The October 9th meeting of the HVL Garden club was a trip to Madison, IN. to visit the Lanthier Winery and gardens with a stop in Versailles for lunch.
     The members were able to sample a variety of wines and learn more about the winery.
     After sampling the wines, the group was able to walk through the gardens where many different flowers were still blooming. The vine covered trellis patio was the perfect spot for our meeting.
     President Kathy Schneider opened the meeting and the minutes from September’s meeting were read. The treasurer’s report was given and both were approved.
     It was announced that Saturday, October 11th would be Clean Up America Day. Groups should meet at Willie’s to register. All members were asked to pull dead flowers and spruce up their planting areas.
     The pergola at Hickory and Greentree is completed. Stone benches will be added by Casey’s and plants will be added next spring.
     Jane Ulrick reported that all the plans for the October 18th Bunco party was completed.
     Kathy reminded everyone that the November meeting would be held in the community center at 6:00pm. Once again we will be decorating holiday arraignments and everyone was asked to bring in greenery from their yards and gardens. Carol Morman, Sharon Hornung and Kathy volunteered to be hostesses.
      Judy Kay made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Carol Morman. Meeting adjourned.
     After the meeting, members strolled around downtown Madison and visited many of the unique shops. The biggest hit was the candy shop, where the most purchases were made.



                                                                 Respectfully submitted,
                                                                 Carolyn Chasteen