Hidden Valley Garden Club



The 2015 Officers for the Garden Club are:

  President:  Kathy Schneider

  Vice-President: Marti Sharpe

  Treasurer:  Luann Roberts

  Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Chasteen

  Corresponding Secretary:  Emmy Myers






Meeting Minutes


The Hidden Valley Garden Club held it’s meeting on Feb. 12th in the community center. Vice president, Sharon Hornung opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance. Luann Roberts gave the treasurer’s report and the minutes from the Jan. meeting were read. Both reports were approved. Corresponding secretary, Sheri Day reported that she had sent sympathy cards to Christina and Tonia on their recent losses.

Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business:  Jane Ulrick reported that she had reserved the community center for the Oct. Bunco party and also for the last available date for April, 2016. Jane also asked about staining the gazebo at Willie’s. Luann said she had already spoken to Bruce Keller. They agreed that the club will purchase the stain and the maintenance crew would do the staining.

     Sharon announced a meeting change for March. She will be showing members how to make hummingbird feeders from wine bottles. Members were asked to bring a wine bottle or other decorative bottle to use and the club would furnish the other supplies.
     Luann passed around sign up sheets for garden planting, watering and hostess duties.
     Judy Kay made a motion to adjourn since the business of the evening was concluded. MaryAnna Taylor seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourneD.
    Tasty Valentine treats provided by Bezzy Anderson, Pat Sutton, Sharon Hornung and Tonia Eidam were enjoyed as Sharon helped everyone use pressed flowers to decorate picture frames and bookmarks. So many different designs using the same basic materials just shows that Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all.


                                                                                             Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                             Carolyn Chasteen