Hidden Valley Garden Club



The 2014 Officers for the Garden Club are:

  President:  Kathy Schneider

  Vice-President: Marti Sharpe

  Treasurer:  Luann Roberts

  Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Chasteen

  Corresponding Secretary:  Emmy Myers






Meeting Minutes


The Hidden Valley Garden Club met at the home of Janet Roth for the Jan.8th meeting and annual soup supper. Split pea, homemade tomato soup and pasta fagioli, along with corn bread and of course delicious desserts were a perfect fit for the cold evening.

After dinner, vice president Sharon Hornung conducted the meeting. The minutes were read and Luann gave the treasurer’s report. Both were approved as read.

Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business: There was a brief discussion about the April 25th Bunco party and then Sharon went through the programs and meetings for the upcoming year.

Pat Sutton agreed to take over the nominating chair for 2015, and MaryAnna Taylor volunteered the use of her home for the summer cookout.

The February meeting will be a presentation on pressed flowers given by Sharon. Members were asked to bring items that they wished to cover with the pressed flowers.
Sharon thanked Janet for the use of her home for the meeting.

There was no further business, so Judy Kay made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Wilma Gardiner. Meeting adjourned. Of course, there was just enough time for more dessert before heading out into the cold.


                                                                  Respectfully submitted,
                                                                  Carolyn Chasteen